The love of a child. child's hand in parent's Few things are more precious or heart-warming than the bond and relationship of love that exists between parent and child. Few would argue against the ideal that a child's parents are the most important people in their life.

Sadly, that ideal seems to be lost if the parent happens to be transgendered (or lesbian, gay or bisexual), especially if the marriage or partnership does not remain intact. The anger, betrayal and resentment from the non-transgender parent or the overly self-focused actions and behavior of the transgender/transitioning parent often place the child in the middle. The inability to resolve the adult issues forces the decision upon the legal system, upon psychiatric professionals to determine the best interests of the child.

Transgender/transsexualism becomes an emotional issue in a custody determination, the outcome often depending more on who the professionals are than on the quality of the relationship between the parents and the child. "How will this affect the child developing their own sexual identity?" "What kind of immorality will the child be exposed to?" The dichotomy of this issue is that if the Transgender Parent remains with their partner, removing the child or terminating a parent's rights is very unlikely, generally there would have to be other strong extenuating circumstances.

What happens when custody is disputed? Can a transgender parent's rights be invalidated based on "finding" their identified gender is not the recognized "legal" gender? What information exists about the affect of having a transgender parent? How do courts rule?

TransParentcy was founded by a transgender parent and is dedicated to the Transgender Parent and their Children, and committed to the fight to protect and honor the precious relationship between them.

Our mission is to support the transgender parent, and their supporters and advocates (lawyers, mental health professionals, friends, family, allies) by providing information and resources to educate and thus disspell the myths about being transgendered/transsexual having an adverse impact on one's children.

We welcome you to our site and to the growing belief that true family values are about love - not gender identity or sexual orientation or a specific religious belief or country of origin or ...

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