Benefits of Buying a Dildo

Have you seen the latest product from Lovense, Lovense Lush 2? With such products in the sex toy industry, every woman has more incentive to own a dildo. To learn more about dildos, below are the benefits of purchasing one.

Various Options

dildo optionsIf you want to buy a dildo, the first advantage you have is the freedom to choose any size you want. Apart from the size option, you can select a device based on its build quality, material, shape, and functionality. With a dildo, you no longer have to worry about finding the right size since you get to pick one with the length and width you desire.

Additionally, consumers have the option to choose between a manual or an automatic device.

Increased Satisfaction

sexRegardless of the nature of your sexual relationship, there are various ways in which owning a dildo can come in handy. For couples looking to spice up their love life, including the use of sex toys like dildos improves the quality of sex.


For instance, using a dildo on your partner while simultaneously offering them oral pleasure increases some people’s satisfaction. Feel free to talk to your partner about it to avoid inconveniences or disappointments.

Safer Than Having Multiple Partners

dildo toysLet’s admit that you can never be sure of someone’s health status unless you trust them or have a test done. Owning a dildo helps you avoid randomly hooking up with strangers and putting your health at risk. A healthy sex life depends heavily on one’s overall well-being.



The moment one aspect of your health is compromised, it’s only a matter of time before your entire body feels the effects. As long as you keep your sex toy clean, you do not have to worry about getting any infections.

Better Experience

Sometimes, your partner may not give you the orgasm you want or offer the same performance level always. It’s understandable when such things happen. Nonetheless, instead of hooking up with someone else, you can pop out your dildo and get the job done yourself. Dildos come with various additional features that help women satisfy their sexual needs, especially if one is looking for a quick orgasm.


In the era we live in, people are more open about their sexual preferences and nature. If you prefer quenching your sexual urges once they start, having a dildo on the go should be convenient. Dildos are portable and easy to use, making them very efficient.…

Things to Know About Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are increasingly becoming favorite sex toys. These devices are mostly made to enrich anal play. The fact that you can enjoy this stimulation for an extended period means that butt plug is among the most active sex toys as far as anal stimulation is concerned.

Why Butt Plugs?

man touching butt

There is a common misconception that but plus are for anal sex reasons. As much as they help, they also help focus on other pleasure centers as they stay intact. You only need to have the butt plug well-positioned, and you will adjust or remove it once the ‘game’ is finally over.

But plug gives you and your partner’s hands ample time to roam elsewhere. As such, this device is an excellent addition for anyone looking for an opportunity to fortify all your genital play. You can use it when having both oral and vaginal intercourse.

Butt plugs contribute significantly to sexual pleasure since they apply some pressure to erogenous zones and create the experience of a wholesome sexual experience. The pressure generated by these devices on the anus couples but vaginal pressure are vital to realizing great pleasure and climaxing. The force offered by these sex toys is quite adequate as opposed to the one created by in and out movement during routine sex activities.

But Plug Safety

The safety of a butt plug should always be taken into account considering that these devices are often enjoyed in hands-free mode. As such, this device should have a flared base to mitigate against the risk of having it slip too far into the anal canal, which might cause serious bodily injuries. For starters, it is advisable to wear it for a short period and also avoid wearing it in public like during a concert.

But Plug Size & Material

But plugs vary considerably in size, and this means that you get to choose a size that fits your experience levels and needs. Also, the material used has a direct impact on the quality of sensations. As such, it is imperative to get the sizing and the material right to enjoy using these toys.

Enjoying a Butt Plug

There are many different ways to enjoy using a butt plug. These toys are not just for anal intercourse but can also be used for the main course. You can wear them whenever you feel naughty, for solo pleasure, or as part of your masturbation routine.…